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Symbols for Your Energy State


Astrology is – contrary to popular belief – a symbolic language used to describe energy states in a human being.

An ancient language. Astrology really only makes sense if you believe – or accept – that everything in the universe are connected and therefore mirror each other. Astrology works according to the principle As above (in the Universe), thus also at the bottom (in humans).

Astrology is NOT deterministic – i.e. it is definitely NOT because of the planet Pluto you get fired or divorced when Pluto transits over your career axis, but because it’s the change you’re heading for in your life but don’t want to step into, because you know what you have and you don’t know what you
get. It is called development and can be quite uncomfortable.

Every human life has phases and elements that are mirrored in the solar system we are born in. For example, we feel like many of us are starting to figure out what we have to do with ourselves, to try to make a living when we’re about 30 years old, and many of us know the concept of the midlife crisis when we are about 40, which is when we stop and start thinking about what it is we really want to achieve in our lives. Both are reflected in an astrological chart.

I have been an astrologer for almost 25 years and use astrology to understand what happens – both in my own life, especially in my crises and my family’s life – but also in the lives of others and in the world. I also use horoscopes in my therapeutic practice to find out how development manifests itself in my clients’ lives and what kind of therapy is effective for my client.

Crown princess Mary of Denmark gave a very wonderful speech to her husband, Prince Frederik, when he turned 50, and said, among other things, ” Father of four, frogman, art connoisseur, military man, my husband, business ambassador, son, adventurer, Greenland traveler, brother. And a good friend. You are a versatile person, you are a positive person, you are not stingy with your laughs or for that matter, your jokes” It is one of the best and loveliest descriptions I have seen of a Gemini, like Frederik are.

Charts for 3rd person.

I don’t do charts on your friends and boyfriends etc. who haven’t asked me about it myself or have given me their consent.
I do not make Charts for children under 16, because they have to be able to give me consent to look at their energy, and I’m a supporter of kissing your children every time you see them and letting them grow in the way they need to, without changing them too much. I think we’re all souls on a journey – also the children – and the fact that our children can have a life of challenges is very difficult for many parents to handle. So I prefer not to work with children.

How can astrology help you?

Discover Your Resources and Talents

You can get information about what resources and talents you have and where in your life they manifest themselves – even if you have had a life where there has not really been room to manifest resources because you have had a hard time – and I can give you some instructions that can help you activate your resources and talents.

Learn About Your Childhood and Parents

You can get an objective picture of your childhood and your parents and talk about how you can use your experiences in a good way – even if you have had a hard time.

Lessons Decoded

You can reap the lessons of the challenges in your life.

Keys to Abundance

You can get some information about what you are good at and what you can make money with.

Find the Right Partner

You can get some insight about what kind of partner would suit you.

The Inner Way

If you are a person who has an interest in self-development, you can get insight about what is called “the inner way” – the path some people turn into when they realize that there are deeper aspects in life than work, money and family.

Intimate Relationship Insights

We can look at your intimate relationship, but only if your boyfriend/partner also asks for it.

Crisis as Catalyst

We can look at what a crisis in your life — typically a loss — is all about and what you can do to move on with your life, possibly in a different way.

Understand Flow

All people have areas of life where things just flow – you can be good at working, learning, being in a relationship, etc. Likewise, all people have problem areas – areas where you think you are solving the same problems over and over again and they keep coming back. To get your chart done is to be made aware of both kinds of areas so that you can become better at handling them and so as not to get knocked over so easily.

If you want to do your astrological chart, I need your birth data:

  1. Your birthday
  2. The exact time you were born
  3. The place where you were born.
  4. 5-7 events that have left their mark on your life to correct after
  5. Your permission to check your time of birth in the Akashian archives

I do your birth chart and talk to you about what energy you have and what you can possibly do with it. We talk about crises and strengths, and I’m looking at how the next year or so will look next to you.

We meet on Zoom and I record the session and send you the recording, or you can record it yourself. You’re going to want to hear the recording again, because there’s a lot of information.