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Build a better bond through massage

Increasing Well-Being for Baby and Mom!

I am a baby massage instructor, trained in 2023 at https://www.blid-zoneterapi.dk/

I teach you how to massage infants from 0-6 months old, but if there are older siblings, I can also teach you how to massage them. I can both massage your baby myself, and I can also teach you how to massage your baby so you can do it whenever you wish.

You can gather 4-5 mothers from your mommy group and invite me, and I’ll come to teach you how to massage your babies. You can also invite just me if you’d like to learn it on your own.

If you have a prematurely born child, they can tolerate massage, but you need to be attentive to the child’s signals that they’ve had enough – a premature baby is more sensitive than a full-term baby and can’t handle as much stimulation before becoming overwhelmed. If you have a child with special needs, the same applies – they are also more sensitive than other babies, and you must be very attentive to their signals that they’ve had enough. However, they also benefit from touch and massage.

How can baby massage help you and your baby.

  • Your bond with your baby becomes stronger because massage releases Oxytocin in both you and the baby, enhancing your bond.
  • Baby massage increases your baby’s well-being.
  • Your baby becomes more secure.
  • Your baby becomes more attuned to their body.
  • You help your baby build a strong immune system.
  • You can alleviate colic and stomach discomfort.
  • You can help your baby sleep better.
  • And you learn to understand your baby better when you massage them.