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Therapy Types I Offer

What Crisis is Saying to Us

I believe that it’s not possible to go through a human life without at some point encountering a crisis. However, I’ve also learned along the way to view crises as starting points for growth.

Crises often begin – though not always – with the loss of something we hold dear: loss of a job, a home, a partner, but also a sense of losing our identity if our identity has been heavily tied to what we do rather than who we are.

My work revolves around helping people discover their inner selves, independent of their actions, and maintaining a strong connection to their inner core. Living in touch with one’s inner core provides a reliable compass for determining what to do, and it brings a sense of purpose to existence.


Many of us are highly focused on doing, as the demands of daily life have expanded over the past 30 years. Through my experience and knowledge, I assist you in finding your way back to yourself, remembering who you are, and discerning which values you need to live by.

Therapies that can help you…

These are the therapy modalities I can offer you to help guide you back to you.


Helps you work with your inner parts and how you relate to them.


Trauma therapy works on your autonomous nervous system and helps you get in balance.


Psychotherapy does not stop stressful events, but it gives you the power to cope in a healthy way. It can also help you understand yourself.


CI is a very gentle method that helps you reach and accept the deeper layers in your personality.


Astrology is a symbolic language that can describe the inner states within you.


Baby massage is shown to help increase attachment between baby and parents, and can even benefit mamas experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety.